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GPS and service problems

(Topic created on: 1/22/21 5:18 AM)
Galaxy S20

I am so very very very disappointed. last summer I bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy S 20 phone in the Samsung webshop. in december suddenly Google Maps didn't work anymore. When I Opened the App it immediately found my location but when I started to drive I got the notification no GPS Signal. I made an appointment to get the phone picked up for Repair as I read on the internet that This Is A Common problem with a certain chipset. 

3 times my phone was picked up repaired and returned but the problem still is not solved. so I called Samsung and they said somebody will contact me to help me fix this problem. 3 days later I still have not heard anything like I said I am very very very disappointed. I always believe that the true character of a company is shown phone when something goes wrong

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