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Galaxy 20 ultra +

(Topic created: 06-15-2021 05:26 PM)
Galaxy S20
I can't figure out how to change back to Google assistant for default help when I touch my Bluetooth.   It used to go to Google and then they didn't update and now it always goes to Bixby and Bixby never can get my contacts right or any search terms or any Search terms It is so frustrating!  I hate Bixby and wish I could delete it altogether from my phone It has never done anything correct for me. Please help me get Google as my search from Bluetooth or from the lock screen instead of Bixby
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Galaxy S20
Google this question, How can I change from Bixby to Google Assistant?
It comes up with directions on You Tube and other stuff too. When I am having troubles with my Samsung products this is where I go first for answers. I am not a patient person and I would rather try some things on my own until I figure it out rather that waiting days for an answer from Samsung. Don't get me wrong if I cannot figure it out by going to Google Chrome and what they suggest I will go to Samsung for help if I can't find it elsewhere. I hope this helps you!