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Galaxy S20 Ultra rear facing camera crack. Known issue and Samsung is refusing to admit it

Here to add to the several other posts about the rear camera spontaneously cracking/breaking on the Galaxy S20. Like many in this community forum, I simply put the phone in my pocket and when I took it out, it was cracked. I only had the phone for a few weeks.


I've been working hard on trying to get Samsung to admit that this is a manufacturer defect. I never experienced a camera crack just from being in my pocket. At first, I took it as a loss thinking there was nothing I could do about it but after some research I saw how many others had the same thing happen to them. The are even articles throughout the internet mentioning how this has been a popular complaint. I would share the links here but my original post was taken down for doing that.


After speaking with a Samsung Customer Support rep (supposedly a manager) he told me people in the forum say things just to try to get out of paying for cracking their screens. In other words, calling me and others liars. 


All I ask is for Samsung to pay for the repair since it was at no fault of my own. Please continue to share your experience until Samsung acknowledges this.