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Galaxy s20 FE 5g data roaming issue after Android update

(Topic created: 06-08-2021 10:04 PM)
Galaxy S20

hi. I am in Australia, and in January 2021 my FE 20 5g did the big Android 11 update. Since that update when I am in my home zone my home wi fi works well as does everything else. But when I am roaming my data stops working, and I lose the internet

The only way to regain my data use to enable my wi fi to work when roaming is to turn my phone off and on again. I have waited 4 months to report this issue as I was hoping a PATCH from Samsung would fix this. I have installed the latest patch and I still have the same issue. This is clearly a firmware/software issue as everything was working till the latest Android 11 install was put onto my phone.

I installed the latest patch a few weeks ago . smr May -2021 security level patch 

Note this issue has been reported by other s20 FE 5g users also.

If no patch can be sent or found for me I must return the phone under warranty. 

thanks for any advice. 

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