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Galaxy s20 USB-C port partial failure

(Topic created: 09-06-2021 09:53 AM)
Galaxy S20

The USB-C port on my one year old base galaxy s20 has begun to fail. It started as periodically stopping and starting charging while plugged in. Now it struggles to charge via cable, and with USB-C audio devices it barely works. With an adapter to 3.5mm it just flat out does not work any more, not recognizing a device at all when plugged in one way, and rotating 180° there is a constant silent notification of USB connected and disconnected. With the original USB-C headphones that came with the phone, it doesn't work in one orientation, and in the other every few seconds there is a major distortion/static. The port has not gotten wet recently, and there is no visible issue with it. The physical connection is still snug, and the chargers, dongle, and ear buds all work fine on other devices. Is their any known fix to this? I've seen some say that replacing the port didn't make a permanent fix even.

Model number: SM-G981V

Carrier is Verizon 


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Galaxy S20

I am getting almost identical issues with my S20+.  Instinctively one would think it is a hardware problem but I can't help but think that this is software/update related.  Have you found a solution yet please?