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Galaxy s20 plus resets Ultima system

(Topic created: 07-17-2021 03:30 AM)
Galaxy S20

A couple of months after I got my new s20 plus 5g  I noticed every time I connected to Bluetooth it would, after about a minute, restart my altima's infotainment system meaning I could not even listen to a single song without it restarting the system. I started deleting apps I'm trying to figure out what the problem was but there have been no answers.   

Once I started my new job driving around fixing cell phones I was told to connect via Bluetooth my phone to the new vans Nissan infotainment system and it's doing the exact same thing. So on multiple vehicles whenever I turn on Bluetooth and connect to the Nissan vehicles after a minute or so it will reset the infotainment center and this continues on and on until I disconnect Bluetooth. 


I don't see any other posts dealing with this issue so I'm curious what the problem is and I would like to fix it without restarting or resetting my entire phone. 


I've tried to update the infotainment center on the Nissan but it says I'm at the latest version does anybody have any suggestions?

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