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Galaxys20+5g amoled screen inquiry

(Topic created: 04-11-2021 12:51 PM)
Galaxy S20

Dear all,

My s20+5g model SM-G986 amoled screen is broken, so I need to replace it.

My inquiry here is that is the amoled screen of all version of galaxy s20+5g same?

Or do I need to find specific screen for model SM-G986..

Please your help would be very much thankful.

I found in the specification comparison of different model of s20+5g that the amoled screen of all are same....so are all the amoled screen of s20+ 5g model same....

Please please help me....

Thank you

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Galaxy S20

You need the specific model and color. I recommend contacting a Samsung Experience Store. If there isn't one near you you can Try a Ubreakifix location they are officially  authorized to do Samsung repairs and use Samsung authorized parts. If neither of these are options in your area Id suggest calling 1800 Samsung and mailing in your device for repair this may take up to 10days though so try the first two options before calling.


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