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Gallery App Tune (Natural Rune mode)

(Topic created: 04-28-2022 12:22 AM)
Galaxy S20

I have this issue where the Gallery app on my S21 Ultra darkens the screen two-fold whenever I focus it. I've tried going through support to report it as a bug, but I've gotten zero luck and all automated replies.

Here's the steps to replicate it:

- Enable the "Extra Dim" option in the buttons, and enable "Natural" screen mode

- Open Gallery app, bug occurs

If you disable either Extra Dim or switch to Vivid screen mode, this bug doesn't occur. It's really annoying given my setup, but I was just wondering if there's a place to actually report this other than the god-awful Samsung Members app.

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Galaxy S20

first, you mis labeled yourself as Galaxy S20, while noting that you have an S21 Ultra... not a big deal but just caught my eyes.

second, please specify the issue a bit more please... not really understanding the issue. what do you mean 'focus it'

Are you saying that the display is darker with extra dim and natural mode enabled?

if this is the case, then just disable the extra dim... to me it sounds like you are asking 'why is it so dark' while wearing a sunglass.