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Gellery app puts an ugly yellow tint on pictures

Pictures  opened on the default gallery app shows an un ugly yellow tint.

When the whole phone seemed a little yellow than usual phones,  playing around with the vivid display RGB settings and blue light filter turned off helped a little overall; howevrer the gallery app still has the tint.  When in switching app mode, the tint doesn't show. It shows up on full-screen app. Tried the same photos on editing tool like snapseed or other gallery app and the problem was solved. Anyone else having same issue? Any fix coming anytime soon?

Product Expert

Re: Gellery app puts an ugly yellow tint on pictures

You may have a defective camera lens 


So In this case your best option would be to contact samsung directly as their are no service center that will physically service the devices onsite these items are usually shipped out with proof purchase or further inspection down below i have attached a link

For shipping repair, you need to call Samsung, the hotline is indicated in this link: