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Google photos to gallery app

Has anyone figured out how to get Google downloaded photos to show up in gallery. I have did the save to the device option, it downloads however it doesn't show up in the gallery, it shows up when I use the files app. I moved the files to a album that shows in the gallery and no luck

Product Expert

Re: Google photos to gallery app

Hello @Sabalilulu 

Go into your SETTINGS, go into APPS, find GOOGLE, CHROME and PHOTOS (Google PHOTOS - has Google colored pinwheel for icon - not to be confused with your phone's photo folder) do this for all three apps: make sure that you are allowing access to your phone's storage - therefore, under APP PERMISSIONS make sure STORAGE is on.

If that didn’t work try to login to your google photos from you google chrome and save the photos from there that’s should work.


Hope this was helpful!
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