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Group Messaging Not Working New S20+

(Topic created: 07-01-2022 07:42 AM)
Galaxy S20

There is a similar thread on this subject, unfortunately it is closed.  Had a Note 6, then a Note 9, now got a new S20+ 5G.  This worked fine on them, not on my new S20.  When I send a group message out or reply to a group message, my text don't go to the group as a whole, but everyone gets seperate messages from me, using default message app.  Samsung support looked at twice, even sent me to my carrier T-Mobile who confirmed I'm set up correctly.  And it worked on all my previous phones, so doubt it's TMobile.  Tried all "google" suggestions - Mobile Network turned on... tried clearing data and cache on app... no change... interestingly, TMobile had me send a picture and that WORKED.  Group message went to group!  But texts always goes to seperate recipients, and I receive from seperate ones.  There is NO option for "Group Messages" in the app settings.  Running Android 12 One UI version 4.1 if it matters.  Was running Android 10 One UI version 2.5 on my Note 9.  

Under the messaging app, SETTINGS, MORE SETTINGS, there is an option for Multimedia messages... click that and only options are DOWNLOAD AUTOMATICALLY (checked), DOWNLOAD AUTOMATICALLY WHILE ROAMING (checked), ADD SUBJECT FIELD (checked), and ATTACHING UNSUPPORTED FILES (allow).  Nothing about group messaging.  

Calling Samsung support a 3rd time... will update if they resolve, but 0-2 so far... if anyone has suggestions, I'm open!

<<<  SOLUTION!!!  >>>

There is no group messaging option anywhere on this phone. Turns out this phone is an international version S20+ 5G. You can check this by the model number, mine ended in an "N", thus a Korean version. Though almost everything is the same as US versions there are a few differences, group messaging is one. There isn't a specific setting for it. Thus for pictures it automatically uses MMS, but it doesn't for any text, and there is no setting to make it do so. Samsung didn't figure that out, T-Mobile didn't, the place that sold me the phone didn't either. I tried factory reset, didn't work either.  When I went to a local repair shop, they said they could flash it "deeper" than a factory reset, but when they saw it was an international version, they said they couldn't do that, had to be a US version. That gave me the final clue that the international version had to have enough differences and was why group texts weren't working. I returned to place I bought it, exchanged for the US version, boom. Group texts worked fine, I made no change to settings, it just worked. I also see group messages options now. Keep in mind, check phone version... there are minor differences when using international versions!


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Galaxy S20
Google messages app, settings, advanced, choose top option group messaging.