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Heart rate

(Topic created on: 1/6/21 3:10 PM)
Galaxy S20

I recently switched to the s20+ from a galaxy note 8. I used the Samsung health app everyday. Why would you remove the most important feature and force people to buy a smart watch so they can measure it? That just seemd shady and greedy. So I did get a smart watch and IT WON'T measure my heart rate (it keeps saying sensor error) and they're is NO WAY TO CHECK STRESS ON THE WATCH EITHER! So your "solution" for all of your customers isn't a solution at all.

You have DEFINITELY lost me as a customer. This change is BS! Not only am I am returning the watch, and I also think it would be smart to give people a refund for this POS phone. I can't express how disappointed and disgusted with your big company. Again - you're FORCING people to buy an expensive smart watch! Why? You really need to fix this! 

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