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Help serious help

(Topic created: 09-07-2021 06:58 PM)
Galaxy S20
Hi I have a serious question since galaxy s10 I can't press the oem unlock my phone is always unlocked tmobile device I have to always pay 200$ for someone to xda to unlock my oem and is stupid now I have s20 ultra do the same thing but cost me 400$ I buy the new s21 and I want to know if there's a chance to contact Samsung because I call them I go to the store and they keep telling me the I have to talk with the fabricant like **bleep** how do I do that 😅  thank people I would like to give my money but come on I pay a phone 1,255$ like is my phone I buy a exynos version but **bleep** as **bleep** for none reasons 🙃  not a english guy but I'm trying thanks if someone help me to contact them 
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