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Horribly disappointed in flagship quality

I started with a note 4 and absolutely loved the phone. Upgraded to an s8 and started having problems with software crashes and other things. Upgraded to an S9, had many more problems with software. Upgraded to an S20 and it just seems like these problems dont go away but keep getting worse. I will pull my phone out of my pocket and randomnly it will ask me to use my pattern because the "phone was restarted". The predictive text will not correct words that are wrong (especially if it has a number accidentally entered) but will autocorrect a normal word to something else. Same thing with suggested words, it just doesnt learn like my note 4 did.  Why am i paying anything for a flagship phone that is apparently cr@p.  

Just started the friendmoji option. My friends s8 has no problem connecting to my avatar but it is saying i still need to invite everyone else. Yes I reboot my phone often. 

My phone no longer connects to my stereo BT, s8 worked fine, s9 had lots of problems, s20 (especially after the last major update) doesn't connect at all anymore. 

I haven't  had an iphone in over a decade, but it is starting to look like a better option (btw just accidently typed "over" as "pver" and when i cicked on the word it suggests everythingthat starts with p and doesnt even try and march the word like the note 4 did).  And troubleshooting this phone with tech support is a nightmare because they generally cant do anything for you and there is no where to take it to either.  Im shocked that more people haven't left samsung especially since it seems like you get more for the money now days with apple. How is Samsung going to try to keep loyal customers?  Dunno, but quality needs to go way up, especially with the software.

Cosmic Ray

Re: Horribly disappointed in flagship quality

Sorry about your bad experiences... sounds strange for sure!  I also have S20+ now;  upgraded from s8+;  had a Note 3 long ago....


I know what you mean about the call-in support;  althugh they mean well, they're close to useless!


Are you using Gboard keyboard?  If not, I would... seems better than the alternatives...pretty accurate.


If you're having trouble with Bluetooth, try doing an unpair on the device and then re-pair it;  my bluetooth works as you'd expect it to...


It's hard to figure out why your phone would restart in your pocket??? I'm not sure if this will help, but go to Settings\Display  - - scroll down to Accidental Touch Protection and turn it on.


Also, this may seem like a hassle, but it's not hard to do and is pretty useful;  Go to Youtube and search Bixby Routines....this has NOTHING to do with the Bixby button - - this is one of the best kept secrets about the S20..


I hope some of the above helps you out... Good luck!