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I Miss my S9+

I have been a Samsung Galaxy owner since my first Galaxy S4, which I upgraded from the Apple iPhone. I have had every S model since that time other than the S10. In December 2019, I thought I was upgrading again from my FANTASTIC S9 to the new S20+. I was wrong! The S20+ has many features that were said to be in the product, such as improved fingerprint and facial recognition technology to unlock the phone, enhanced camera, and battery life. That is NOT the case. More time than not, I have to use a PIN to unlock my phone as the fingerprint reader doesn't work 6 out of 10 times. I must be wearing a mask as the phone doesn't recognize my face (and I'm not that ugly). The call quality of the phone through Xfinity Mobile (Verizon) is terrible. I get 1 bar of signal strength versus 5 bars on my previous S9 in the same house, and the calls were perfect. The phone continually reboots itself in the middle of a conference call. That's a great feature if you are wanting to flush the cache, not the call. And let's not forget the new and enhanced GPS connectivity. It would be faster to connect to a GPS Satellite if I shot myself into space and did a direct connect with the USA-203 satellite in orbit.


Xfinity Mobile is trying to help as they are now deciding to replace the SIM Card to see what that does. Xfinity wanted to upgrade me to 5G since the phone is 5G compatible, but the closest 5G antennae are in Downtown Atlanta - almost 25 miles away.

To say that I am not pleased with the S20+ is an understatement. I spent over $1,000 on this phone, and now Samsung is releasing the next Galaxy in a few days, which is supposed to have all the features the S20 was supposed to have. The Galaxy S20+ may have been my last Galaxy, which is disappointing.


Re: I Miss my S9+

Hey there @userEaItOqEUXy :

I love my S20 Ultra but to each there own, and I can definitely understand given the issues you mentioned.

Have you tried troubleshooting any of those issues? Some troubleshooting may help

Random reboots

GPS issue: Does this item help with your GPS issue?

Problem with data

  • Try this guide on your data issue
  • You might turn off the 5G connection: Head to settings >> connections >> mobile networks, network mode >> nd and choose LTE/3G/2G only.

Fingerprint and face scanning


  • Make sure to add your face in good lighting and while you look average (and not absurdly handsome)
  • Add your fingerprint a second time for quicker unlock
  • Enable Smart Lock as you see fit: I almost never have to unlock my phone with onbody detection, location, and device unlock

Finally, I've never bought a phone from Xfinity... is it possible this is a firmware issue on their end? What do the forums say on that?


Your phone's specific help center is here if you have further issues!

I hope you can figure out each issue you're seeing :-(



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Re: I Miss my S9+

Hi @userEaItOqEUXy 


I know the whole virus thing can get us all confused and this year has been crazy, but the S20+ didn't come out until March 2020. Not important, just saying. I'm not sure what featured the next Galaxy that comes out in the next few weeks has that the S20+ is missing (I assume you're talking about the Note20 line), other than the S-Pen. The S20+ is a very much current, flagship device. I can't speak to the call quality, it might have something to do with 5G and available coverage, your carrier might be able to help you with that. Yeah I agree the face unlock is not great. Never was without the retina scanner. The fingerprint scanner works just fine for me though, you might just need to get used to it. Try placing your finger on it lightly, for a second or two, it should work. 

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Re: I Miss my S9+

The S9+ was a great device! The fingerprint sensor was in the perfect spot in my opinion and worked great. A physical fingerprint sensor will always be more accurate than an in display fingerprint sensor. When Samsung mentioned that the indisplay fingerprint sensor has been improved, they meant improved coming from the S10s indisplay fingerprint reader. I've had every single S device as well. All great devices by the way. I recommend registering the same fingerprint twice for a faster experience when unlocking your phone. For facial recognition make sure to register your face in good lighting. As far as your signal strength goes your carrier would have to help you with that. You can always go into your settings, connections, mobile networks, network mode and and choose LTE/3G/2G so your device isn't searching for a 5G signal since you have no 5G coverage. This could possibly help. My experience with this device has been great so far. I hope everything gets better for you. The community is always here if you need anything👍
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