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Galaxy S20

I have had the same issue. The solution presented doesn't work for two reasons.

The first reason is that every time I uninstalled the most recent update of Google, it reinstalled itself a day or two later, even when I had all of the auto update settings turned off. So even though the voice typing went back to the earlier version that work great, a day or two later I was having to repeat the uninstall process. I did this for over six months because it was worth it not to use the horrible version that came with the update.

The second problem is now that I have upgraded to a Galaxy Z fold three and the version of Google that came loaded on the phone is the latest version with many many updates since the version that had the older voice typing tool.

Now I I have the same problem but it's not solvable with the solution in the previous closed post

PLEASE! Somebody help me, either a Samsung representative or a fellow Community member. I use voice to text more and more in almost all my applications. I literally cannot survive using the current version of the Google voice typing tool.

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