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Incredible Waterproof Experience.

(Topic created: 06-18-2021 03:56 PM)
Galaxy S20

We were on the dock in Fishtown,Mi on the Leland canal on Saturday, 6/12, at about 9:30am.  I was taking a selfie with my S20 Ultra and dropped it from about 6 feet.  It bounced hard on the dock and fell into the canal.  The water was clear, about 10 ft deep, very cold and fast flowing.  I gave it up for lost.

Late afternoon on Sunday, i received a text that a 13yo boy, Brayden, had seen the phone, dove in and retreived it.  After about 30 hours 10 ft underwater, it was still charged and working perfectly!  I sent my address and waited for the phone to arrive.

But by Wednesday, no phone and no answers to repeated txts.  Turns out, Brayton lost his phone right after his initial text to me.  I called the number and discovered it had just been found at a nearby campground.  I did a reverse lookup on Brayden's number and got an email address.  Using that, Brayden was reunited with his phone.  His father then expressed mailed my phone to me in North Carolina.  We gave Brayden a nice reward.

All's well that ends well!

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