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Issues with warranty repair

(Topic created on: 4/28/21 3:29 PM)
Galaxy S20

So I got the samsung S20 one month ago and  Friday night got this weird message said

1 try to reboot phone.

2. delete cache

3. bring it to store. 

So I do all of this . 

att says its under samsung warranty so I have to send it to them.  I do so samsung says 10 to 11 days to fix.  They tell me to go to att for a loaner phone they dont do that I got laughed at. 

So fast forward 4 days now after buying a prepaid phone so I can have service. Samsung calls me and tells me screen chipped and has to be fixed first which will cost me. Mind you the screen has been chipped for at least 2 weeks so absolutely not connected to this data error

So what is the point of this warranty  if any party would of said so i could of had an assurance device a week ago. 



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