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Lack of settings and functions.

Hey folks. 


Just got the new Galaxy S20 5G. The most expensive phone i have ever bought. 

But i think many things are missing ☹️

I come from Huawei Mate 20 Pro... Did not want to buy P40 Pro or Mate 40 Pro, because they come with no Googleapps and miss many apps i am using.


But the S20 5G?


No macro function in camera? 

The Edge lighting only works with screen facing down? And it does not support Messenger? 

Lack of settings so it's possible to get rid of the clock in upper left corner and maybe have your phone operatorlogo instead... 

How can i set up my phone so i can get lightnotifications when it is set to no sound? 

On Huawei i had a little LED light next to the frontcamera i could customize with different colors that blinked when i had notifications. 

What can i get for my S20? 


I am actually close to sell it again because i think it is a bit disapointing consider the high price ☹️

Hope you can help me so i can enjoy my new phone instead of thinking of selling it... 


Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Lack of settings and functions.

Yeah, I have the s20 too and I want the LED light notifications. I don't like to keep turning the screen on to check to see if I have any notificaions. I miss the light notifications. I don't know why they thought to leave it out on these phones. It's definitely not an improvement. Are there any other ways to have my phone notify me of messages?