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Letters Jump Out At Me When Typing

Can ANYbody tell me how to fix this please?! Posted it before and people just whinged about their own keyboard problems. Do we help each other or what? Please - any answers? Each individual letter jumps out at me lightning fast as I type. Is that just the way of phone keyboards and unfixable? I have a Samsung S20+. Haven't had it long. Can't change it in settings it seems. Have googled my tiny brain out. No. It does not jumps back to beginning of text. Help! And thanks.


Re: Letters Jump Out At Me When Typing

I am woohoo frustrated! Yes this is happening to me, but sometimes it's even seems to be affecting my entire system settings! I've downloading every kind of keyboard there is , from both Galaxy and Google Play, from bilingual to Cheetah and Swift key. They all seem to work at first, but then it starts jumping ahead a few spaces, then jumping ahead when I press backspace. It doesn't let me indent or it shows all cap, won't release. It takes properly spelled words then separates them into 2 different in related words.

Get this.... I an f-writer! The only thing that helps a bit is clearing the Cache from your settings, general, language Keyboard, storage, clear. Sometimes I have to clear all the data as well and re set it up. This is a major issue! At least someone else gets what I'm talking about!