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Losing data connection

I'm sorry if I'm the millionth person asking this but I got the S20, regular, a couple of weeks ago and starting last week the phone has been losing data connection when I'm not on WiFi. I've tried setting my network to connect to only LTE/3g/2g in the mobile network selection, don't know if I have 5g where I live yet so I just did that in case I actually don't, and I've changed the APN? But only manually put in my providers info, TMobile, and nothing works. I've tried airplane mode and resetting network info. The only way I can fix it, for however long, is to restart the phone. I did read somewhere about Samsung being aware of the problem and it potentially being fixed in the next update. If someone could point me in the direction of a fix or to news on the next update I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks