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Many marked solutions does not work for hiding recent folder in Gallery

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Galaxy S20

Every "solution" posted to the recent folder in the gallery says to hide it. I fail to see how that's a solution. Even if the dupes aren't taking up space in my phone, I'm quite sure they're taking up space in my google account somehow, and now I'm getting constant threats that my gmail will no longer send or receive emails due to the lack of space. Not to mention, there are 6000 (yes, that's right, SIX THOUSAND) items in my recent folder. How is THAT helpful?? I don't even have 5000 pics on my camera roll, so it's got every screenshot I've ever taken and every dumb meme I've ever downloaded. I save those things to particular folders right after saving so that I'll know where to find a particular meme when it will come in handy, why would I wanna scroll thru 6000 items to try to find them? So does anyone know how to DELETE the folder without deleting the originals? I'm not looking to hide it, I want it gone. 

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Galaxy S20
Recents isn't generating a second copy of images, it's just an in app shortcut to the pictures.