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Media volume doesn't lower during a notification.

(Topic created: 07-04-2021 07:01 AM)
Galaxy S20


So recently I discovered that the media volume doesn't lower anymore while I'm getting a notification or while using Google maps. Before my music volume would lower while Google maps gave directions. Is there a new setting of something?


Thanks in advance 🙂 

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Galaxy S20

Can you try putting your device into Safe Mode and see if this issue still precise? If it goes away then it's an App that is causing this issue and you can try Clearing your Cache Patrician if that does Not work you can try deleting your 3rd party apps 1 by 1 to identify which one is causing the issue to fix this problem.

If this is still happening in Safe Mode then Id suggests backing up all data and Factory Resetting your Device.


How to put S20 into Safe Mode

1. Look for the Power icon, and then tap on it.
2.Once the power options show, tap and hold on the Power off option until it turns into Safe mode.
3.Now tap Safe mode to restart your phone.


Clear Cache Partition

1. Turn off the device.
2. Press and hold the Volume Up key and the Bixby / Power key.
3. When the Android logo displays, release both keys.
4. An 'Installing system update' message may show briefly before the Android Recovery menu options appear.
5. Press the Volume down key several times to highlight Wipe cache partition.
6 .Press Bixby / Power key to select.
7. Press the Volume down key to highlight Yes, then press the Bixby / Power key to select.
8. When the process is complete, Reboot system now is highlighted.
9. Press the Bixby / Power key to restart the device.


How to Factory Data Reset S20

1. Unlock your phone and go to Settings.
2. Scroll down and tap on General Management and choose Reset.
3. From all the options, tap on Factory data reset. ...
4. Tap on Reset.



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Galaxy S20

1. Try submitting an error report through the Samsung Members app first before wiping out your phone like this person is suggesting.

2. Did this happen after a recent update?

3. What software version/carrier is your S20 on?  Settings > About Phone > Software Information > Build Number (last 4 characters)