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My S21 is not receiving updates every month like my S20 do, both are unlocked and from T-Mobile

(Topic created: 05-20-2021 05:46 PM)
Galaxy S20

Hi I have the s21 and the s21 ultra too but my question is why my s21 has updates every month but my s20 ultra feels like is old both are from tmobile and unlocked but apps on s21 like the new gallery is cool but on my s20 I have to wait 3 months and is funny because my s21 is way cheap my s20 ultra was at 1,600 plus tax my s21 was only 1,100 for everything the cameras are the same just the new nano no SD cards anymore no charge I have to buy the brand new charge headphones etc I think hope someone can help im not a English guy so I try to explain the best I can want some info I can screenshoot it 

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