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My Samsung DEX Experience on S20FE

(Topic created: 06-08-2022 09:44 AM)
Galaxy S20

I have a Samsung S20 FE, which supports DEX wirelessly. It is streaming to a 4K Roku stick connected to a 4K monitor with speakers. I also have a bluetooth mouse and keyboard connected to the phone. The mouse is set to move between the monitor and the phone displays. Here are my observations:

 * There is a split-second lag for input, which makes pointing the mouse challenging. I'm adjusting to it.
 * Wireless DEX only supports FHD, not 4K. I'd love to take full advantage of this monitor, but it's very usable as it is.
 * Only five windows can be open at a time. I find this limiting, but will adjust. Open apps just minimize, but can be killed.
 * There is 1.5 GB out of 5.5 GB free RAM on the phone, offering plenty of headroom with no app lag.
 * The phone screen blurs when a text field (like this one) is selected. I would rather it not do that.
 * This setup places a lot of demand on the hardware. DEX will automatically start closing windows if the phone overheats.
 * I purchased an active-cooling unit ($20, Amazon) to solve the overheating problem. It is on a mount clamped to my desk.
At this moment, I am typing this up in DEX. I have work-at-home software on my phone with three work applications open an onscreen. In the background music is streaming from a streaming service, and I have a performance monitor open on the phone screen. CPU temperature is holding at 120F, peaking at 140F. The cooling unit is doing its job. This is a very capable setup, once I got used to how it operates.
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