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NFC tag request pop-up

(Topic created: 07-16-2021 04:06 AM)
Galaxy S20
So although I'm super happy with the help I received from a Samsung Pro my issue was not resolved right away. So I was at the mall yesterday and I noticed once I left I started getting this pop-up on my phone requesting "NFC tag request" and it kept listing cashapp as the URL web address to open it with. I was directed to reset my networks. Continued getting the pop- up so I chatted with  another agent and they direct me to do a factory reset. So i did but yet again Continued to get the pop-up.....so I Googled it and  found something that stated "If you continuously see an NFC tag request. You must be using your phone with a wallet and keep your cards in it. Cards with an NFC tag can cause this issue." I noticed it after we were leaving the mall so I was relating it to being at the mall using the public WiFi. So hope this helps someone who may be having the same issue!
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