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Navbar Feedback

I was wondering if there is a way to customize navihation to my phone as follows as an option


Long swipe (slowly) down on the navbar=open notifications panel

Swipe down outside the navbar (on the right or left side of it) open the quick settings menu

Swipe up on the navbar=go home

Long swipe up on the navbar=recent applications

Flick the navbar to either side=back function

Hold to navbar to one side (either side)=close current app

Hold down on navbar and make a bow/rainbow to either side=flip through apps like pages

Swipe down on the navbar=one handed mode

Swipe up outisde the navbar (on either side to the left or right)=open app tray from any screen easily

Flick outisde the navbar on either side yo one side (on either the left or right of it)=open edge panel (useful for jumping app to app with some of uour favorite apps without having to go through thre app tray or go home)

Jiggle the navbar=that menu to select to make it a bubble or pop up or split screen (current app) (maybe you could make it do aftrr you jiggle it it allows you to choose one of three directions, if you choose split screen it allows you to scroll through your recent apps without realesing from the navbar and when you choose your seconc app just release)(so for pop up jiggle then left exit, for bubble jiggle then right exit, and split screen jiggle then up exit

Hold the navbar=menu appears to choose to close either all pop ups, bubbles, recent apps, or sll of the above with one fell swoop, or if in split screen it exits out of both of them without the mrnu apperaing

Lift the navbar and hold it there (dont swipe up so far or so quick)=menu that allows yoy to fo alot of stuff like maybe screenshots, ram priotity/background for current app or to lock the current app (idk about you but hold the power button and volume down key and then going down that pop up isnt very intuitive, it makes more sense to just have it all righy there and easily accesible there would be alot of choices in this menu



I wish you guys would split the notifications panel up becausje its fidgety sometimes because it has set limits for how far it pulls down for either the quicl settings icons or the notifications panel. You could also pretty it up by making what ever is currently on the screen fading away (or someother animation) while either the notifications panel or quick settings panel opens (this way you dont have to pull down a whole background with the actual important stuff)


The current bzck function ftom the edge of the screen is nice but when you have a casd on you csn see how it is flawed


And i guess if your in a game you would have to swipe up from outside the navbar (on the left or right side of it) to make the navbar appear. This would allow you to longpress or lift the navbar to access game specific navibar controls. You could still swipe from the center to go home


Please for the love of love get rid of the pop up call notification and incorporate it into the navbar. For example when you get a call you can flick it up from the left side of the bar to accept or flick it up from the right side to decline. You know how annoying that pop up is when your watching a video. You could have the contact name or number atually inside the navbar(expands)


There is an advsntage to this layout instead of swiping left (bixby) to right (home pages) only, you could setup home in one of two ways this way thats already been described or with swiping up and down (bixby^home) for the other functions. Or you could split it up either way where home pages are one way and the other way is something else (like bixby/widgets) itd be kind of nice going up and down especially since you can make your recents go up and down


Males think up and down

Females think side to side