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Need to be Fix (mobile)

(Topic created on: 4/8/21 6:06 PM)
Galaxy S20
As you know probably not mobile gaming is growing so fast but not your gamelauncher wt perf Z or booster plus. In game its dropping from 60fps to 47 having activate te option to max fps. Its incredible that others game launcher in the play store could do a better job managing the fos and closing apps on background while playing. The only problem its that with those one you have to disable the gamebooster or its creating a bug having two operating. But no matter how you disable your gamebooster because its not working for gamers and you dont want to fix it properly with 0 good satisfaction on atmos for gaming because its not working either as its supposed to work the gamelancher still active on the background no matter it is disable. So two things fix it or break it. Thank you.
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