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New Update One UI3 On S20 FE SUCKS

(Topic created on: 1/25/21 5:38 PM)
Galaxy S20
Ok, I'm trying to stay calm right now... I just did this update last night, against my better judgement to wait for reviews - and I literally CANNOT USE mobile date for internet unless I'm connected to wifi. Can't get notifications, can't use browsers, can't access emails, social media, etc. I at least can still get texts and calls but WTF. This is a serious problem. I just called my phone service provider and they said this is happening world wide to just the FE phones because of the new update. They have my 5 steps to possibly get it to work again and nothing worked. So, now I just gotta wait for Samsung to get it together... I do business on my phone and I need access to internet while I'm out. Seriously Samsung, WTF
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