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New update removes functionality

(Topic created on: 5/2/21 4:52 PM)
Galaxy S20

Please stop REMOVING functionality with each update!! The pinpad on the unlock screen is now much bigger, making unlocking one handed MUCH more difficult, having to stretch your thumb farther for each button or just use two hands, which is ridiculous in this day and age. Also the "now playing on this phone" area for playing apps on the notification screen only shows one app at a time now. Who would want this? Again, ridiculous. Now I have to swipe left or right through the open apps which takes longer and is much more uncomfortable than just seeing all multiple open apps and hitting play on the desired one.  These are two of the most used functions. Both functions used almost every time I pick it up, are now clumsier, more time consuming, less informative, and less efficient by miles now. It's like you pay people to come up with ideas to make your products less efficient and enjoyable.

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