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No Micro SD Card!?!?! wt_!?!

(Topic created on: 1/24/21 9:18 PM)
Galaxy S20

I tried to reply to the post below re: No Micro SD Card and "I get the warning that I cannot use the word "WT_"    (add first letter of Frank)... I did NOT use that word/acronmyn at all!!! ...  WT_  ( Frank)....


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I upgrade EVERY year literally since the s4...   love doing it and save up the money just so I can do it Smiley Happy

I WILL NOT upgrade because of the removal of the SD card... my s20 ULTRA will go until I have to upgrade. Maybe they'll bring it back someday until then, I'm crushed and hope the s22 comes with a SD slot 
Oh yea and good lock was down for like 6 months of the year so ill stay a step behind from now until they bring or I go to a new platform... did I hear apple might do an SD slot??? Haha bring it back samsung let's not trip...




Anyway, here's my reply....


There was an in-betweeen model where Samsung left out the SD card slot...the GalaxyS6 I believe... and then in the following year, after they realized they shot themselves in the foot, they came back with the SD card slot with "every model"  until the "new and improved S21 series"....   


I would merely pick the best phone, all things considered, once I'm ready to upgrade... I just got the S20+ and it has the SD card slot... I believe up to 1TB!!!   I'm probably good for a few years before I need to upgrade... I'm sure there'll be many great choices by then, even if "it's not a Samsung".  - And I would "never go to iPhone"... I don't need their hand holding/protection!






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