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No internet connection for one app!

(Topic created: 07-01-2022 07:23 AM)
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It says "Sign in failed. The Internet connection appears to be offline." I have the same problem getting on their website on all 4 browsers. I have NO trouble elsewhere on the web on my smartphone or with any other app. THE HELP LINK THEY GAVE ME SAID, "Your connection is not private" (as does EVERY other Lidl weblink I tried). Their help weblink said: NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID. All 4 browsers say the same thing. This server could not prove that it is help.lidl.com; its security certificate is not trusted by your device's operating system! The app is MyLidl, a grocery store app. I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G, using android 12.

I have probably spent at least 14 or more hours trying to figure this out and have been in contact with at least 5 different companies plus my antivirus software companies trying to see if the problem was with them, but I struck out on every one of them. I have reinstalled the app at least 4 times it does not help. I did not know I had to have their app to get their store discounts and WAS obviously able to download the app in their store.

But as soon as I tried to sign up and join, their app did not recognize that my smartphone had data and I could not even sign up using their unsecure Wi-Fi. I did turn on my VPN but they claim they're not the problem either. And even when I got home, I couldn't sign up and join using Wi-Fi at home. When I called Lidl the 1st time, the lady that answered the phone said that there was an error on their side but that's as far as I could get. She didn't know what the error was. This has been going on since mid May. I finally sent Lidl a list of every single step I have done trying to figure out what the problem is and that was at least 2 weeks ago and so far they haven't been back in contact with me.
So, is there anyone out there that has any suggestions on what could be the problem that 1 app doesn't recognize an Internet connection on my smart phone? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much for reading this.
NOTE: I went back and checked. My initial email to them WAS at online@lidl.us on May the 13th, so that's how long this has been going on and still no one can figure it out. Thank you for your feedback.  


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@twinlesstwin The best solution is the developers of MyLidl. It is unclear from your comments if you used the developer contact (online@lidl.us) listed in the playstore.