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Notification Customization Request.

Phone Information:

Galaxy S20+ 5G

Model Number: SM-G986U

Software Version: G986USQU1ATCH

Hardware Version: REV1.0


Please give us more notificaiton customation options so I can pick and choose which apps can give an audible alert, which can give a vibration alert, A basic ‘Allow on Top’ pop-up, or none at all.


In addition to being able to manually pick each notification, there needs to be better communication between the phone and apps like Zedge for the device can more easily access downloaded tones/files. These custom tones show up in the ‘Sounds and Vibration’ settings/menu when changing your ringtone and default notification sound but the phone doesn’t provide/show those tone options when in apps that allow such customization.

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Notification Customization Request.

@ShawnHades if you move your sound files to Internal storage>Notifications they will show up in the notification list. Is this what you are referring to?