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Notifications not working


I would like to discuss a problem I'm facing. I am a regular customer of Samsung phones. Whenever I buy a phone, I used to find the pros and cons of different sources. Last year I bought a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and it was a good phone except there is one main issue. I can't optimize, it has no email notifications. The company replaced the phones and it also has the same issue. I am a businessman and I need to get email notifications at the moment when the client sends, in this case, if the phone is on sleeping mode(I haven't touched my phone half an hour and it's automatically gone into deep sleep mode) I get the notification after I check manually. The reason I found the issue is when the phone got sleeping mode. It's completely in deep sleep and internet connection gets disconnected. The internet comes back only when I re-touched the device. This power-saving using for the other crazy functions (and they're saying they are the best battery phones in the industry). But this is not fair for this kind of expensive gadget. I think getting updated notifications is one of the main factors in the phone. Recently I bought Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra and S20+ they both have the same issue, 

The customer service executive remotely gets into my phone and try to find the problem, but they are saying its manufacturing defect, and they are helpless. But I don't know why the same issue happens with different companies too. As a tech expert, can you find this problem and fix it. Another problem is edge lighting doesn't work 

Unlocked Galaxy S20+. I have all notifications turned on for the apps I want to use it for. In the edge lighting settings, I have it set to always and applied to ALL apps. It does work for the default Samsung Messages app, I am getting all edge lighting when unlocking screen but I will get an alert on the lock screen, but no edge lighting with pop. Please fix this problem, we pay too much money for this phone we don't want to download the 3rd party app. many people are complaining of the same issue. 

This is a terrible experience.

Thank you,