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One UI 3.0 Beta issuses

So here are the issues with the beta I've encountered so far after 2 days of use:

- Whenever I try to click the wifi section of my settings the whole settings app crashes and takes me back to my homescreen, I can still turn wifi on and off from the notifications panel but I cannot access the actual section

- The widgets like kinda work from the lock screen, such as spotify will work but then if I use the widget to pause the music, I am unable to press play again, and then the skip back and forth buttons sometimes work

- The phone sometimes vibrates when I open the tasks menu or do the back gesture, it's doesn't always vibrate when it should

- My phone's screen no longer turns on whenever I receive a notification which is really annoying 

- Whenever I do the back button gesture to get rid of the keyboard the phone now registers it as if I were hitting the back button on whatever app or page I'm on which is super duper annoying

- The phone's deep sleeping apps feature no longer seems to work as some apps that I have put in the deep sleeping mode still run in the background or they've completely magically taken themselves out of the deep sleeping mode when I return to the deep sleeping section

- The little lock icon at the top of the lockscreen doesn't ever do anything even after unlocking the phone with various different unlock methods

- Adptive power saving no longer turns on the various power saving modes at different times anymore which has no significantly reduced battery life

So yeah these are some of the major issues I have noticed and would like to bring attention to, especially the wifi one because I've tried everything to access that part of setting but nothing will work, like what if I need connect to a new wifi network and put in the pass code, I have no possibility of doing that now. Dont get me wrong I am absolutely loving the asthetic of the new update, but these issues that came along with it need to be addressed asap, and also I've factory reset the phone, reset the settings, and done all that I can do yet these issues still persist. I'm not sure if this is where I'm supposed to provide feedback on the beta but if anyone knows where I'm supposed to then shoot me a reply. Also if anyone has any solutions to my issues pls let me know.


Re: One UI 3.0 Beta issuses

I want to suggest removing your email from this post and creating a report in the Beta section of this app.

Re: One UI 3.0 Beta issuses

hey friend remove this post from here. And send it as a report in Beta section.