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Order Problems

I placed two orders for the ultra. One shipped and will be here tomorrow. The other one hasn't. I talked to Samsung's customer service a they started that if the other phone misses its delivery date they will compensate me. Any idea on what they usually do in that case? There is no way it will be here tomorrow.


Re: Order Problems

Hi I chatted 3/9 (ticket xxx) and called 3/10 (ticket xxx) to find out the status of my phone order. The phone was ordered 2/23 and was to be delivered 3/10. I have not received the shipping # or any status on my order. I was told the issue will be escalated (ticket xxx). On 3/11 (ticket xxxx) I used chat support and was told "Team concerned" they are working with the fulfillment/shipping team, "Team concerned" will notify you via email, it says that you will be update within 1-2 business days Kevin. I still do not have the status of my order. 3/13 (ticket ID: xxxx) Told - I can see the issue has been running form a long time and I could imagine how upsetting it is. Kevin, please allow us 2 more additional business days , so our team will fix this issue. 3/16- ticket ID xxx I was told; Kevin, I have checked the latest update on the forwarded issue and it came an hour ago, I see that the fulfillment team is working on it and I am positive you will be updated at the earliest. 3/17 ticket ID: xxx I was told - Your ticket has been escalated with the dedicated department, our team is working to deliver the order as early as possible. As it is still in confirmed status we can't provide you any incorrect information.