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Phone repair on defective product

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Galaxy S20

Ok I love Samsung galaxy  and Samsung products they have always been amazing but I am so disappointed and outright surprised and aggravated  with Samsung over the Samsung  galaxy s 20 fe I have never paid the outrageous price for a new phone only basic couple hundred dollars and I wanted to treat myself after new job and got a discount  due to upgrade and special through cspire  my provider and have had nothimg but problems ever since with no help no communication  no even effort to help in the matter I believe the phone screen has a defect because honestly I have had Samsung products over 15 years not once have I ever had to worry about durability  have thrown a phone one fell out the back the truck fell in a creek dropped from the top of a roof of a house and straight not even a scratch  no screen replacement  nothing but from a two foot drop from picking up dog food my screen shattered  and the best part regardless  if I had insurance  or not I would not have been able to claim it until after 60 days but more than that disappointment  my service provide in the store mind u tells me to my face  well u have no insurance  and if u did we wouldn't  be able to fix it cause I had to have my plan 60 days before I could claim it and regardless your phone TO NEW WE CANT FiX IT  CAUSE WE DONT HAVE THE STUFF TO FIX IT  WITH ITS NOT EVEN OUT YET NOT EVEN TO WAREHOUSES SO TELL ME PLEASE HOW CAN I GET THIS SITUATION  TO A SAMSUNG  TECH WITHOUT LOOSING ANYMORE 1100 DOLLARS TO HAVE A PHONE 4 DAYS TO DROP IT FROM 2FT AND SHATTER  NOT ONLY  THE FRONT FROM 2 FT AND THEN CRACK BACK LENSE TO IT MAKES NO SENSE I POINT BLANK UNDERSTAND  THERE ALOT WHO WANT THINGS FREE I WORK BUST MY BUTT FOR MY PAYCHECK BUT ROGHT IS RIGHT WRONG IS WRONG IBDONT WANT NOTHING FREE BUT WANT IT BROUGHT TO LIGHT THAT SOMETIMES THINGS HAPPEN AND PRODUCTS DUE HAVE DEFECTS AND WHEN ISSUES LIKE THAT HAPPEN THE MANUFACTURERS SHOULD HELP THOSE WHO LOVE THERE PRODUCTS GET IT FIXED WITHOUT  THE HASSEL  AND MESS REGARDLESS OF INSURANCE  COSTS  THIS HAS BEEN VERY STRESSFUL DISSATISFIING  AND COMPLEX JUST  TO GET A SCREEN REPLACEMENT  AND STILL HAVEN'T  BEEN ABLE TO REPLACE THE SCREENS SO SAMSUNG  PLEASE DON'T LET THIS CONTINUE TO HAPPEN TO YPUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS THAT RELY ON  YOUR PRODUCTS TO MAKE A LIVING TO MAKE OUR COMMUNITIES  SAFE CLEAN AND BETTER 






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I completely understand your frustration, but your phone's glass breaking after a drop is not considered a defect under Samsung's warranty. Instead, it's considered accidental damage. As such, you would need to pay the repair costs yourself.

You can get the phone fixed at various places (Best Buy, UBreakiFix, etc) or you can get it fixed by Samsung by sending in a repair request through the following site: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/service/

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