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Please stick to 2 standars sizes and 2 upgrade options

wanted your S20 Ultra but had to buy the S20 because the Ultra is way to big of a phone for me. I like to use the phone with one hand and the ultra is too big.. Why doesn't Samsung keep with the same size phones each year and just have upgrade options. Haven't they figured out that some ppl want a big phone and most others the standard size. Some will spend extra for features some won't. But why have only the ultra one size.. especially the large when the majority of the would doesn't have big handd.. Peoples hands are not growing on average in size each year!!! So why do you keep increasing the size of these phones!!  And limiting extra features to one size. Spend the extra money and give us the same upgrade options on the large and standard size phones. I suggest 2 stsndard and 2 large. Because I would of spent the extra money for the Ultra because I love the Camera on it.  Like if you agree with me and maybe they will fix this issue with the S21 next year..


Re: Please stick to 2 standars sizes and 2 upgrade options

It gives more choices thats why they do it. And honestly the S20 Plus is the best pick out of all 3 of them. The camera on the S20 and S20 Plus is more reliable because of that dual pixel auto focus. So if you picked up the regular S20 or S20 Plus you're still getting just as good of a phone as the Ultra but with a more reliable camera. I have both the S20 and S20 Ultra so I know from experience. 👍
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