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Poor Image Quality on the S20

I got my phone about a month ago. I haven't really left my house much so I didn't get to use the camera. Finally after months of staying at home I decide to go hiking and take photos. When I get home the photos look absolutely horrible. Every single photo has some sort of pixelation or blurriness. My Galaxy s7 and Note 8 were way better at taking photos. I also checked for updates but I have the latest camera app update and phone update. Considering this phone was advertised for its amazing camera specs I'm really disappointed. Especially since at one point Samsung was dominating in the camera scene. I honestly feel that Iphones take way better photos and I am thinking of switching after a long time of being a samsung user. Am I the only one experiencing this issue? I've tried playing around with the camera settings. If anyone can send me a solution I would really appreciate it.