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Pop-up window feature broken after March 2021 update

(Topic created on: 3/15/21 9:26 PM)
Galaxy S20
After the recent March 2021 software update, the pop-up window or picture in picture view feature is messed up.
Like when you're on a Duo or Whatsapp video call or a youtube video, and you go to home screen, a small pop up window version appears. Before the update, I could drag this window around to any part of the screen and it would stay there. Now if I move it anywhere other than the bottom right corner, it vanishes.
If I swipe up from bottom again, it comes back.
This makes it difficult to use the keyboard when the pop up window is on top of it.
It used to work perfectly fine. Why did Samsung break it!?!?
I'm running One UI 3.1 on my Galaxy S20 FE
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Galaxy S20
The same thing is happening to my Galaxy Note 10 after the update.