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Problem linking spotify with bixby

bixby will not link to spotify! Customer service tried the same thing on their end and were unable to do so. All I want to do is say hi bixby play metallica, or my playlist, or queen radio, simple enough right? Wrong. You can use bixby to open spotify but if you want it to play music you need to use your fingers. Hopefully they update it soon because on their (samsungs) website they claim that spotify is integrated! I found that you can use Google assistant and it links to spotify just fine. Id rather be using the voice assistant that has an integrated button on my phone. Come on samsung!


Re: Problem linking spotify with bixby

Galaxy s20 plus here. June 12, 2020. Bixby can only open the app and perform basic function. Cannot do what we need it to do in quick commands like open playlists... just confirmed with customer support. Not a fan of Samsung trying to force us to use Samsung music over Spotify for the convenience. 


Guess I'll have to use Google assistant for my runs. 


This better get improved.