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Promotion code scam

So I purchased a new galaxy s20 ultra! And one of the main reasons that got me to pre order was the promotion they were offering of $200 towards selective products once I ore ordered. Turns out I get my redeem code of 200 dollars in my inbox and try to purchase a galaxy watch,only problem is my code doesn't work. I call Samsung to tell them my code isn't valid and the employee says " sorry sir it looks like your code has been accidently sent to another customer as well and has been used" are you serious? So he puts me on hold for 20 min just to hang up the call on me I return the call only to start all over again this time the employee says " we will send you another code,will take 24 hours" it has been over 2 days,never got a new code. I call again and this the worker tells me they won't be giving me a code and to try to call another number. Are you serious? This is not OK,very bad experience l,I have no idea who to call for this issue and it is not fair for me to buy a product only to get scamed over,I have always purchased samsung phones and I will be considering switching over to Apple if this is the way samsung handles business.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Promotion code scam

Hi there, I recommend reaching out to our E-commerce team for support. They can be reached at 1-855-726-8721