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Restarts overnight while on charge only.

(Topic created on: 1/21/21 4:57 PM)
Galaxy S20

HI, My S20 5G automatically restarts overnight while either wirlessly charging or plugged in. Fast charging as well as normal charging. To answer some questions i've already tried the answers too... No i don't have auto restarts on, no i never have random restarts, Yes i've restored factory settings, yes i have restored the phone then left as factory default and turned on safe mode and it still happens. Like i said it only restarts while on charge using different cords and chargers as well as the original that came in the box. 


If i leave my phone off charge overnight i don't have restarts. My question is how do i make the restarts stop while on charge overnight? (Yes i also know i shouldn't leave the phone on charge all night :) This didn't happen from the start when i bought the phone. It just randomly started about 3 weeks ago. Please help...........

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