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S20 5g Camera Focus Issue

(Topic created: 06-24-2021 01:04 PM)
Galaxy S20
Is there any fix to the focus issue on the S20 5g? I literally can't be up close to take any pics.
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Galaxy S20

what version of software are you on? how close do you mean? like 1-2ft away or like... 2,3inches away?

is it happening on any camera using apps or just the camera app?

if it's happening everywhere, then you probably just have a hardware issue that should be replaced by UBreakIFix. You might have to wait a bit since the pandemic supply shortage and what not (maybe). But it's LIKELY covered under warranty, good luck!!!

Or another option you have is to submit an error report to Samsung Members app after reproducing the issue. This lets the app collect logs regarding the issue and lets the techs see what went wrong with the phone at the time of issue