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S20+ 5g Unlocked bad network performance

Hello, first of all I'm a long term customer, I love the technology offered from Samsung Galaxy devices, unfortunately on this one I'm very frustrated because the device is very slow when it comes to data streaming wifi calls, regular phone calls, sometimes even a simple email takes forever to load, I've called my carrier T-mobile they told me my device isn't compatible with their network band, very extrange because this isn't the first time I've swapped sim cards and upgrade my devices, I always purchase factory unlock for the last 5+ years with same carrier. Also in almost 5 months with the device I never see the 5G network on mine end, like I said very slow, phone call often drops, very bad voice quality on a phone call, poor signal, slow network etc... according to T-mobile mobile my device is currently working on 2G or such... anyhow please help...