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S20 Edge Lightning not working when screen is off

So basically, here's the need: I need a way to know any missed notifications.


My old S8 had a blinking LED light to notify me that I missed a notification.  And I just realized that my new S20 has no visual indication when the screen is off.  Among all my applications, I really need visual notifications from GMAIL and MESSENGER or even calls.


I read that Edge Lightning was the "new" way since the LED is gone. I followed a lot of Samsung support links and topics. And it seems I'm not the only one having issues. Current configuration:

  • Activating Edge Lightning (
    • Show Edge Lighting: While screen is off
    • Choose Apps: GMAIL is in the list.
  • GMAIL App:
    • Notifications : Allowed
      • Show Notifications: Enabled
      • Courrier : Enabled
      • In-App Notification Settings:
        • Manage Notification
          • Show Notification: Enabled
          • Alert: Enabled
          • Show as pop-up: Enabled 


As you can see, everything is configured correctly. Latest Android updates.


As an alternative solution, I saw some people talking about Glimpse Notifications.  At least, Glimpse Notifications wakes up my screen and show a notification, either as an Edge Lightning (if Glimpse is enabled in Edge Lightning) or as a lock screen wake up (if not). For now, the 2nd option (wake up lock screen) is more useful as Edge Lightning and Glimpse Notifications only show the Glimpse icon (So,  apart from the sound, I don't know what is waiting for me).


STILL.... it appears ONCE.  If I get away from my phone for 10 minutes and come back, no wait to know if I missed something. I need to wake up the screen.  


Any ideas, options, alternatives, plz let me know. thx!


Re: S20 Edge Lightning not working when screen is off

Almost. Lowest I can set up is  every 3 minutes. That's wait too long (compare to the LED), should be in secs.  Waiting that long between visual notifications, I rather wake up manually my screen.


I would have thought (and expect) the edge lightning to blink every 2/3 secs as the LED did.