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S20 (Exynos) Multiple Issues

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Galaxy S20

Hi Guys! This is my first post ever here! So please excuse my english!


I brought the S20 (Exynos) model almost a month back and have been waiting for the seller to take it back so that I can get a refund.

So here are my views on the phone so far (maybe this can help people who want to buy this phone)



  1. The phone is super compact and is really easy to use on a day to day basis

  2. Super fast charging! Coming from the S9+ the charging is quiet fast!

  3. 120 Hz goodness! This phone feels blazing quick! The 120 Hz and 240 Ms touch response are a match made in heaven!


  1. Cost - This costs like 71,000 INR (930 USD) here in my country! Way overpriced in my opinion!

  2. The phone gets extremely hot! The phone literally heats up every time it hits 39.7°C+ The performance drops and the 120 Hz display drops down to 60 Hz which makes using the phone awful! In my experience, anytime I use the camera for like 5 mins or even a call of 5 mins through Bluetooth headset takes the phone's temperature beyond 39.7°C and the phone just chokes! The 60 Hz is terrible to use once you get used to the 120 Hz! Not only that, the phone takes a good 15 to 20 mins of non-usage to cool down.

Considering we are on a lockdown right now and working from home, the usage of phone/video calls have become very high! The phone heats and starts laggin after a single call and then boom! you can't use the phone immediately for another call till it cools down! :( And this is supposed to be a "phone"


The camera as well, it's such an amazing camera but just opening anything related to the camera - Snapchat, Google Duo, Google Hangouts, Instagram Camera or even the regular camera app heats the phone so bad thus leading to performance drop and back to 60 hz experience.


3) Performance- I know people say that you won't find the difference in day to day usage with the Snapdragon, but you really do. As i already said, the performance starts choking once the phone starts heating making it worse that my s9 plus which is almost 2+ yrs old now.


Finally, I wanted to know a few things from the community here.

  1. Is it still worth keeping the phone after the one plus 8 pro has come out?

i hate the form factor of the one plus phones, the reason i didnt go for the s20 plus or s20 ultra was not the price but due to the compactness of the s20! I travel a lot for my office and keeping that in mind, i wanted something that would fit my pocket and make me move comfortably in public so i got the s20.

2) Do software updates solve these issues like Overheating?


I am a bit skeptical about the overheating issues getting sorted by a software update because this seems to be more of a hardware limition/issue

With lots of people buying the s20 plus or s20 ultra, we s20 users seem to be the worst effected people. Tech communities and websites tend to show interest towards the flashier models than the cheapest one of the 3.

The heating issues are massive with this phone and its not normal especially if the phone heats to the point of throttling after a phone call!!


In my opinion, the heating is probably more due to lesser space for the internals to cool down and since no youtuber or someone has come out pointing this out it has not yet reached to a bigger audience let alone Samsung.


I really hope this post gets to a bigger audience one day forcing Samsung to act and push out updates to help this phone work as it is intended to! We need some love too!! I've paid top dollar for this phone and want it to work that way!


I really love the phone so much and dont want to use another android phone since I've been on the Samsung ecosystem since the launch of the S6, S7 EDGE, S8, S9+ and finally the s20!

The Overheating issue for the smallest of tasks are making me reconsider keeping this phone.

What are your views on this? :)

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Galaxy S20
Yes I have only had the (21) for about Three Weeks It has me feeling really uneducated!!! --Big a Screen Light goes out. Pretime,Really Instructions are Very POOR to NIL!!!! & on&ON.$300,00 Cost it would be nice to Operate ..Understand Better