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S20 FE 5G repair facility testing.

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Galaxy S20

My S20 FE 5G (AT&T) that I bought in November 2020 has four major issues going on:

  • Intermittent screen issues ("ghost typing")

  • Fast wireless charging doesn't work. It'll say Fast Wireless Charging for about a second but then revert to slow sub 5 watt wireless charging. The time remaining will indicate fast wireless charging, but then the estimated charging time will double  and it'll go into slow wireless charging mode. I've tried four different wireless chargers and they all do the same thing.

  • No OTA software updates. Ever. The phone swears that it is up to date when I know for a fact that it isn't. I should be on the January patch but I'm stuck on December. I had to actually go to and pay a uBreakiFix store $52.00 to have my phone manually updated to One UI 3.0 and Android 11  when that update came out because my phone simply wouldn't get it. AT&T confirmed that the IMEI was all correct in their system. I'm currently disputing that updating charge with my bank.

  • Nothing that uses a data connection, whether that be 5G or WiFi doesn't work. It keeps saying that the connection failed and the like.

With my phone, I included a hand written list of these issues that I was having, and what I've done to try to solve the problem. I shipped my phone on Monday and it got to the repair facility in Plano Texas yesterday. To be honest, I don't know with this many glitches going on how you can fix this in just the software. I am just really hoping that there's nothing still wrong with my phone when I get it back, I get a little paranoid that it'll come back to me and that something will still not work. I hope they test every single thing on the phone to make sure that it works.

What do you guys think? 

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Galaxy S20
I've used Samsung repair before, and was very satisfied with the repair. I was able to text to see the status of my repair. Personally I would say you have nothing to worry about