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S20 FE Dual SIM - Problem assigning ringtones to specific contacts

(Topic created: 10-14-2021 06:53 PM)
Galaxy S20

Edit: After a few hours of trying many things, issue wasn't resolved. A full factory reset got the issue resolved.

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I just bought a new S20 FE Dual Sim. I have a very strange problem. I cannot assign specific ringtones to individual contacts.  I have the option under each specific contact and I can pick a unique ringtone for each contact. However, when receiving a call, only the default ringtone rings!!!  

That phone allows a default ringtone for Sim 1 and another for SIM 2. The phone has Android 11 and UI 3.1.

On the other hand, I have a T-Mobile S21 which I have no issues with having assigned ringtones for certain people. 


Help please. I hate returning the phone for that specific issue. Thanks in advance.





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Galaxy S20
I'll buy it instead of you returning it if the price is right.