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S20 FE not connecting to Flow via any method (Bluetooth, Wifi, or USB)

(Topic created on: 2/13/21 5:34 PM)
Galaxy S20

Hello, I recently upgraded to an S20 FE, and I'm quite happy with the phone.  However, I have not been able to successfully connect the phone to Flow on my PC.  Please note that DEX does work just fine, it is only Flow having trouble.  Likewise, prior to an update that seems to have disabled it, Side Sync also worked fine.

I have tried all three methods--wifi, USB, and Bluetooth.  In all cases, the device will pair just fine, but the second after pairing, it will say "Disconnected" on the PC and "Cannot Connect" on the phone.  Flow will tell me I need to install the latest USB driver, but no matter how many times I do so, it won't recognize it.

I'd appreciate some guidance here.  Thankfully, with DEX working, I'm able to do most things, but I'd like to use Flow for simple quick file transfers.


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